Design studio

From conceptualizing to customizing a design, from improvising to implementing the design structure and techniques, our design team works closely to create fabric that capture the essence of the brand. With the team that is consistently trained to keep their talents at par with global aesthetics, to achieve design goal through uncompromising artistry and technical quality. We craft our application to the product right from the creation to the product line.


We dye the yarns to customer specific colour requirements. We have the capabilities of producing piece dyed or yarn dyed fabrics. Our in-house colour matching and dyeing units further ensure colour fastness and quality to our clients.


The expertise of our technicians and versatility of our looms enables us to use various fibres creating an expansive range of fabrics. We have taken due care to equip the facility with latest machines and well trained men to give our customers near to flawless quality fabrics. Fabric finish and treatment We also do different kinds of fabric finishes and treatments like- water repellent, softening, stone wash, anti curling, fusing, acrylic coats, fire resistant etc.


Our in house Digital, Block, and Screen printing facilities offer various options to customers and enable us to efficiently manage colour and quality.

Finishing and Packing

We have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure delivery of close to flawless fabrics to our customers. After the fabrics are thoroughly inspected by trained experts, they are packaged and forwarded for shipping.